NCCBAM provides Certification & Credentialing to BAMS & equivalent graduates and other qualified Ayurvedic degree holders in the USA.

Why Choose NCCBAM?

NCCBAM Board consists of well-known, experienced, and highly trained Ayurveda Professionals.

NCCBAM recognizes the extensive training of BAMS and higher graduates from India and other countries where the licensed practice of Ayurveda requires training at an accredited institution.

NCCBAM will perform credentialing accurately, precisely, and transparently so that qualified Ayurvedic professionals are recognized for their training.

NCCBAM will certify and credential Ayurvedic professionals in the USA per the international standards of Ayurveda and requirements for practice in the USA.

NCCBAM has the safety and well-being of the consumer in mind and will be creating national standards of competency and clinical practice of Ayurvedic medicine.

Credentialing Board such as NCCBAM’s mission is to Certify and Credential Ayurveda practitioners in the United States of America to maintain the highest standards of Ayurveda practice through advocacy, education, research, and outreach.

NCCBAM is a fast-growing organization comprising a large community of BAMS and higher graduates in the USA, along with many individuals and supporting organizations.

Individual BAMS and higher graduates can become board-certified through NCCBAM to accurately recognize accredited education and training. Having a BAMS Degree and getting a Credentialed from NCCBAM that will distinguish you from other levels of Ayurveda practitioners.

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